German Torres

German is a Mexican-American Director and DP based in Dallas, Texas.

Born and raised in the South East Side of Fort Worth, Tejas – he’s no stranger to a multicultural environment and the lower class hustle that has come to fuel his storytelling abilities.

His earliest memory of filmmaking started in his early teens, filming home videos of his friends skateboarding that created local buzz VIA Myspace and YouTube. Through skateboarding, he experienced both a creative outlet and a physical freedom to move through every corner of his neighborhood; experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly that came with spending sunrise to sunset in an area that was often judged by poverty, drugs and crime. Despite it all, he managed to stay engaged academically and sought more opportunities to avoid the pitfall of stereotypes that awaited many of his friends and family.

He would go on to film school at the University of North Texas where he spent 4 years sharpening his skills on set; working with a crew, reading call sheets, chasing sunlight, making deadlines and attending his own film premieres. His film school experience built his technical proficiency as a filmmaker, his time on set in school and post graduation helped him develop his communication skills but it’s his upbringing and identity in the world that have truly shaped him as a filmmaker, collaborator and contributor.

His work has become a reflection of people overcoming adversity. Visually he’s not afraid to break the rules and immerse the viewer into the filmmaking process; often blurring the lines between reality and fiction. His goal is to uplift marginalized communities and inspire more empathy between people, universally.

He’s currently working on short term commercial, documentary and music related projects with a resume of clients such as Apple, Def Jam Records, Remezcla, HP and more.

First Responders Football

Bobby Sesesions - Material Lies

Texas Rangers - I Was Here

The Mantra

Worth It

Nike x Kendrick Lamar

The Mantra from German Torres on Vimeo.

WORTH IT from German Torres on Vimeo.

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