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Whether it’s a commercial, web video or a feature-length film, we believe that every project has the power to move someone. That’s what storytelling is all about. For us, script to screen means more than full-service. It’s about using our creativity and passion to execute a vision so that everyone can share in the experience.

Okay, but what do we really do? Red Productions is a video production company with offices in Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles. We’ve produced a wide range of projects for everyone from large commercial clients to non-profit organizations to major film studios.

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One of the most common questions we receive is “How much will my production cost?” Red Productions handles a full spectrum of budgets and project types, all of which present their own unique costs and resources. Check out our pricing page to see what project elements you should consider when contacting us for a quote.

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Lend Your Voice To the TXMPA and Help Us Keep Our Incentive Rebate Program!

Scott Nichols |

We are creating a video for the TXMPA that features USER GENERATED CONTENT from media production professionals all over the state. Our goal is to demonstrate the diverse economic impact our creative community has across Texas. Animation, Education, Film/Video, Video […]

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