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  • Chris Leclerc

    Chris Leclerc is known as a nimble, multidisciplinary director. With a background in editing and cinematography, he blends his keen sense for polished visuals into raw, immersive narratives that dance between real and surreal. Driven by a passion for visual storytelling, Chris is always found thinking outside the box to find new and exciting ways to tell stories.

  • Erica Silverman

    Erica is a writer, director and editor based in Fort Worth, Texas. Her gift for storytelling – and singular narrative voice – is present in her films, commercials and music videos.

    Her work for artists like Gregg Allman, Avril Lavigne, Robert Ellis, and David Ramirez has nabbed attention from Rolling Stone, SXSW, Billboard, People, and more. Her recent short films “Tour Song” and “Lovable” made successful festival runs with stops at Hollyshorts, Austin Arthouse, Miami International and Denver Film Festival and have since been distributed worldwide.

    In addition to her success as a filmmaker, Erica spends much of her time writing, dreaming up new stories, and exploring the world with her young son.

  • Will Clark Smith

    Will has over 16 years of experience as a director and uses his creative background to make compelling, narrative driven films with a strong visual style.

    He has worked with a diverse range of brands including Renault, Pepsi Max, Sony, Citroen and Twinings. This diversity reflects his ability to understand the essence of the creative and deliver highly engaging commercials, digital content and brand films.

    His undivided focus, openly inclusive attitude and broad experience make the utmost use of resources to achieve truly memorable, standout results.

  • Andrew Disney

    Andrew Disney is a Fort Worth native, NYU-trained writer, filmmaker and commercial director. Along with creating videos for such brands as 7-Eleven, Dallas Cowboys and Herzog & de Meuron, Andrew is an award-winning film director for his feature films SEARCHING FOR SONNY and BALLS OUT.

  • Joe Harris

    Joe Harris is an Arlington native with nearly fifteen years of commercial making under his belt. He started out in post-production and quickly fell in love with being a Commercial Director. In his eight years as an agency in-house Director/Editor, he quickly developed a comedic visual style that is unique, focused on performance, art direction and shepherds the client and agency vision. Garnering multiple awards for a diverse group of clients, Joe is a decisive collaborator who brings excitement and thoughtfulness to every project.

  • Anders Rostad

    Finding inspiration in all things that stir the soul, Anders Rostad combines his passion for filmmaking with his insatiable thirst to explore the unknown. Whether it be running from machete gangs in Haiti or trekking for days through white desert sand storms (all with camera in hand) the shot just isn’t as good unless his life is on the line.

    The extreme range of his interests bleeds into his work— covering the spectrum from high-fashion to heavy metal. After spending his formative years independently plying his craft in the Pacific Northwest, he made the jump to Los Angeles in 2010. Since then he has been sought out by leading brands such as Vogue, Jaguar, Microsoft, TLC, Intel, Discovery Channel, Verizon, Cartoon Network, Samsung, JVC, and more.

    His work has been featured on massive display, creating visuals for Pretty Lights nationwide tours and designing several billboard displays in Times Square. Anders has directed music videos for a range of artists, such as Atlas Genius, Pacific Air and Jack’s Mannequin, to name a few.

    Outside of music, he’s also worked on several documentaries, most recently traveling to Haiti in 2011 to capture the post-earthquake aftermath, told through the collective perspective of amputee women.Aside from commercials and music videos, Anders is currently working on several films–– along with finding time for a few power-naps between it all.

  • Greg Hughs

    As a Director and EMMY® Award-Winning Producer, my lifelong commitment to the power of motion pictures has resulted in a career of successful collaborations with celebrities, advertising agencies and multinational corporations.

    Starting with music videos, then moving to the ad world and feature films & TV, I am an interdisciplinary creator who harnesses and delivers on a strong creative vision.

    I have worked closely with Steve Harvey, Paul Rodriguez, Carrot Top, Blake Shelton, Lyle Lovett, Don Henley, Pat Benatar, 311 and many other celebrities. I have created content for companies like Southwest Airlines, Sony Music, The Home Depot, DELL Computers and Nike. My work in VR has been showcased at the OSCARS, EMMYS, and in film festivals around the world.

    My projects have been honored by the American Advertising Federation, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association, Worldfest Houston, and the Tellys.

    I have been an active member of the Producers’ Guild of America since 2005.

  • Fidel Ruiz-Healy

    Fidel Ruiz-Healy is an award-winning Mexican-American filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas and an alumni from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

    After Graduating NYU, Fidel founded the creative collective The American Standard Film Co., ( alongside partners in crime Tyler Walker and Jordan Michael Blake. Work developed with The ASFC has screened at such film festivals as SXSW, Slamdance, Hamptons International, Fantasia, Palm Springs, and Mill Valley, along with being featured in publications ranging from NPR, Vice, Pitchfork, MTV, Filmmaker Magazine, NYLON, LA Weekly, along with numerous credits on Vimeo Staff Picks. The ASFC’s work has generated nearly 20 million views across various platforms.

    In 2017 Fidel was named the best San Antonio Filmmaker by The San Antonio Current. In 2018 he and co-writer Tyler Walker were selected to be fellows of the NYU development lab with their script, Orinoco Flow. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he works as a freelance Director and DP.

  • Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher is an award winning commercial, music video and film director. He was born in Los Angeles as an infant but soon grew much larger. The youngest in a family of creatives, he quickly fell in love with story, music and photography. Rather that pursue just one, he discovered the magic created when those three disciplines are combined in the form of film.

    He received his BA in film from Biola University, and has worked all over the world on everything from low budget music videos to multi-million feature films. His passion is collaborating with companies and other artists to create beautiful and poignant videos that connects with their audiences and challenges traditional thinking.

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