10 Tips to Creating Remarkable Corporate Video

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I came across this article from Thomas Clifford on DirectorTom.com from 2007, and it’s remarkable how relevant it still is today. So much of corporate video is so dreadfully boring when it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips on your next corporate video production project.


I’m going to go out on a limb. Feel free to join me.

Most marketing departments don’t know how to make a corporate video worth talking about.

When it comes to producing corporate videos, most internal marketing departments are “safe departments.” “Safe” works. “Safe” is easy. “Safe” will keep your job. “Safe” sells. “Safe” gets me through the day.

Not really. “Safe” doesn’t produce conversations. “Safe” doesn’t ignite action. “Safe” doesn’t make me think harder. Or differently. Or stretch me. “Safe” doesn’t make me go, “A-Ha!”

Producing a remarkable video for your company isn’t hard. It takes work, it takes time, but it’s not hard.

You know what’s hard? Producing a film that is boring. That’s hard.

When no one is talking about your video and management wants to know where theROI is from the video, you’ll be doing some fancy footwork dancing down the hallways of the ivory tower. Now that’s hard. That’s a day you might want to call in “sick.”

Here are ten ways how to make your corporate video get noticed, ignite conversations and spark some action. Oh, yeah…and keep management happy, too.

1. Think STORY. Tell me a story. Please. Take me on a journey. My brain is hard-wired for beginnings, middles and ends. Really. Don’t tell me about your corporate numbers. I have Excel for that, thank you.

2. Think ONE. There is only one person you need to think about when making your corporate video: the person in front of the tube. Period. Double period. Triple…

3. Think TIMELESS. It goes back to that “story” thing my brain really loves. A powerful story is timeless; it’s magical. It doesn’t get stale. The same is true with a powerful corporate video.

4. Think REAL. People know a lie when they see one. Authenticity works.

5. Think QUALITY. Hire the most qualified producer and director you can. Find a producer who understands exactly what you are trying to accomplish; not what they need to make their demo reel look better.

6. Think eMOTION. “e” for emotion, energy, enthusiasm, engaging. Video captures emotion unlike any other medium. Use it accordingly. Keep your charts, PDF’s and spreadsheets away from video. Please.

7. Think CUSTOMER. Your customers can tell your story, too. Let them tell the world how great you are. It’s one thing when you toot your own horn. It’s another when customers toot it for you.

8. Think PLAY. Does your video have “playful” moments? Even the most reserved companies have opportunities to capture some fun and playfulness. Find those moments and your video will outshine your competitor’s in a heartbeat.

9. Think 30. Every 30 seconds change your pace, rhythm, content. You can make your ten minute film feel like five minutes with this trick. Create new “chapters” with new ideas or themes. Change the music, too. Your video will be so engaging, repeat viewings will be demanded. It works like a charm.

10. Think HERO. Find your heroes. When given the chance, employees want to tell their story. They want to change the world with their journey. What they need is the opportunity and the chance.

Bonus Tip. Think DESIGN. Video is incredibly malleable. You can keep your corporate branding people happy by integrating your current logo guidelines, etc. Or you can break out a bit and create something different.

“Safe” or “remarkable.”

Still with me? Out on that limb?

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