3 Tips for Getting More Video Views on the Web

Web video is everywhere. More than 24 hours of video content are added to YouTube every minute.Hundreds of thousands of videos are streaming on Hulu and NetFlix. As internet speed has increased, the amount of time people spend consuming video content has steadily increased.

Sticking out in this cluttered environment is increasingly difficult. Here are a few helpful ways to ensure your web video production project gets seen.

Location, location, location.

Where your video lives online matters. Placing your video on the homepage of your website is a great way to showcase the video to people who already visit your site, but what about consumers who don’t know about you or your company yet?

It’s a good practice to place your video wherever your customers are. If your research shows that your customers spend a lot of time on YouTube, make sure your video’s there. If your customers watch premium content on sites like Hulu, consider running ads with your content.

What’s in a name?

How important is it for your content to show up in search engines? How much is it worth to have it appear? The title of your video should be optimized for search engines. While it may be tempting to give your video an abstract, artsy title, be sure to ask yourself how people are going to find the video.

For example, remember the Quiet Confidence video we did for TCU Baseball? We knew that people wouldn’t find the video by searching for “quiet confidence,” so we made sure we loaded the title and description of the video with keywords so it would appear on search engines.


Utilize your existing fans.

On the internet, content is king. If you have great content, you can mobilize your fans on social media to spread your message like wildfire. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are designed to help spread ideas. If your content is entertaing or empowering enough, your brand advocates will gladly share it if you ask them.

Your brand should have a plan in place to get your fans talking about you online; that’s how you foster and grow an online community. If your brand does not have something like this in place, don’t worry. Your friendly DFW video production company can help out.

In conclusion

There’s no guaranteed formula that your video will be a viral sensation, but there are strategies and tactics you can employ to ensure your video succeeds online. Placing your video on the right sites, loading it up with keywords and empowering your fans are three easy ways to get more views online.

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