4 Questions to ask Before Contacting a Video Production Company

More and more businesses and organizations are realizing the value of video. It is one of the fastest growing mediums used by companies and consumers alike. Video can tell your story and engage your audience unlike any other medium. But only if it is done well. Whether it’s a TV commercial or a corporate training video, here are four questions to consider before reaching out to a video production company. And if your production company isn’t asking these questions along with you, maybe you should continue your search for the right partner.

1. What story needs to be told?

Every person, brand, campaign and initiative has a story to tell and an audience to engage. When planning a video project, the most important step is identifying your unique story. This doesn’t necessarily mean the history of your company or your business plans; instead, it is the message that will impact the viewer and lead him to take the desired action. Without a well-developed story, there is no clear vision.

2. What effect do you want the video to have and how will you gauge success?

Do you want to increase funding for your non-profit, attract new employees, or simply increase your business? Having a measurable goal is important. The metrics for success impact the story you tell and the distribution strategy you implement. Without a gauge for success, there is no way to create a plan and adjust based on viewer analytics.

3. How will you distribute your video?

Blogs, social networking sites, company websites and good old-fashioned DVDs – the distribution channels are endless. Each video has a particular audience and it is important you have an effective plan to reach your viewers. Identify your audience, learn the resources they use for media, utilize the best platforms to engage with them and then track the results. The beauty of web based distribution and tools is the ability they give to distribute your message to a specific person, track how long they watched and know what action they took as a result. If your plan isn’t working, make adjustments.

4. And finally, what is the budget?

Creating video is like building a house – something is possible at almost any dollar amount. You can spend $50k or $500k on a 2,000 square foot living space but the finished product will vary significantly. The resources change at every level and quality of the finished product is usually reflected. It is important that you share a budget range so a production team can share a realistic vision for your project in return.

In conclusion…

There is no right way to answer these questions. The only wrong answer is no answer at all. From script to screen, a strong production company is equipped to plug in at every stage and help you identify these answers. But taking the time to first answer these questions internally will set you on a clearer path to success with your video.

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