A Year in Retrospect

It’s been an amazing year at Red Productions, and we wanted to share some of our favorite projects we had the opportunity to work on these past 365 days!

The Champion Archer Who Doesn’t Have Arms

In Fairfield, Iowa, our team had the chance to follow Olympic Archer Matt Stutzman and watch his incredible skill with a bow.  After three days of shooting, we had a fantastic set of building blocks to piece together Matt’s amazing story.

TCU Football 2016-Horned and Dangerous

As huge TCU supporters, we always love working on the newest fight videos, and this years turned out pretty thrilling if we do say so ourselves!

iProspect Client Summit Intro

Sometimes animation is really fun, and this is one of those times. Utilizing a visually stunning and beautifully short set of information, we were able to put together an animation video almost as cool as our client iProspect. Big shout out to our partners at Identity Visuals for helping bring this thing to life.

PrimeLending: Anthem

Some jobs are clean cut and beautiful, and we feel PrimeLending’s most recent spot falls in that category.  A fun shoot to work on (even the office dog made it into the final video) but more importantly a fun video to watch.


Some projects are about more than just a cool video, and this is a perfect example.  Leap does amazing work, work that this video details better than I ever could, and we are so humbled by the opportunity to work with them.

2016  was a fantastic year, but we have no doubt 2017 will have even more incredible things in the works!