Academy Award-Winning Director Duo “InBetween” Joins Red Productions’ Director Roster

Academy Award-Winning Director Duo “InBetween” Joins Red Productions’ Director Roster


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(FORT WORTH, Texas) – Red Productions, a video production company based in Fort Worth, announces a new partnership with the highly acclaimed director duo “InBetween.” The duo has recently signed onto Red Productions’ director roster.

Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian, collectively known as InBetween, have achieved high recognition within the industry for their excellence in storytelling and animation. From 1995 to present, the two have served as founding members of Reel FX, Moonbot Studios, Flight School Studio, and, most recently, an immersive theatrical experience, The Department of Wonder. Their work has earned them the prestigious honor of an Academy Award in 2012 for Best Animated Short Film. In addition, they have been awarded four Emmy Awards and multiple Cannes Lions, including the coveted Grand Prix. InBetween’s most recent work includes Fabian’s Emmy-nominated VR experience “MLK: Now is the Time” and Oldenburg’s Emmy-nominated Netflix Series “Lost Ollie.” Both projects are beautifully produced and tell powerful stories. The duo is managed by Anonymous Content’s Amar Hansen and Bard Dorros for original content. 

“We are thrilled to add InBetween to our director roster,” says Red Sanders, CEO of Red Productions. “Their ability to infuse animation with profound emotion and storytelling aligns seamlessly with our mission of delivering impactful visual experiences.”

“We are excited to leverage our award-winning storytelling abilities in animation, interactive design as immersive entertainment for the new work we will do in partnership with Red Productions,” says Oldenburg and Fabian. “Together, we look forward to creating content for their diverse range of clients.”

InBetween specializes in a variety of content including animation, live-action hybrid, and interactive work. “We excel not only in the realm of animation but also in the dynamic arenas of live action, hybrid productions, and immersive placemaking,” says Oldenburg and Fabian.

Red Productions has signed several notable directors over the past few months. Nate Townsend, Evan Savitt, and Yesi Fortuna have all signed with Red Productions for commercial representation within the past year.

“We have a lot of exciting projects on the horizon,” says Sanders. “Collaborating with such talented directors on our projects amplifies our creative potential and our commitment to delivering top-tier content for our clients.”


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Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian are InBetween, a director duo from DFW Texas, with a focus on animation, live action hybrid, and interactive work. Friends since teenagers. We were two fortunate 19-year-olds in art school brought together by a mutual admiration for the people who made our favorite music videos, films, and illustrations. Limbert from the Bronx and Brandon from Fort Worth, an unlikely pair. Fast forward 32 years later, an Academy Award, four Emmys and multiple Cannes Lions including the Grand Prix are a few of the accolades shared between the two of us. We are agnostic to mediums or cutting-edge technologies with scars to prove it. We firmly place our feet with one foot in the past and one in the future. Nostalgia and futurism, we thrive in the InBetween. We manifest our stories through a seasoned discipline of balance, thus doing what’s best for the stories we tell.