ADDYs 2012 Recap

Codename Addy

If you have a hat, you might want to hold onto it.

Every year around this time, the best of Fort Worth advertising get together to celebrate their greatness and discuss plans for future world dominance. This year’s ADDYs were no different except for the fact that Red Productions had to produce the show. It was our “reward” for winning the Best of Show trophy the previous year. The thing is… we’re a video production company. We aren’t an advertising agency nor do we pretend to be one — we even go out of our way to say, “We don’t do print.” Yet somehow we found ourselves tasked with the responsibility of hosting this year’s award show in front of all of Fort Worth’s Ad agencies. (No pressure, no pressure, just breathe.)

Since the moment we won last year, we knew this day would arrive, like an unstoppable freight train barreling through a nitroglycerine plant. We conjured up images of epic failure and flirted with thoughts of leaving the country. Our production meetings were filled with a handful of blank stares and murmurs of “Now when did the Mayan’s predict the end of the world would be?” Then one morning in late September we had an idea. An idea that was founded on the simple theory: A successful ADDY awards gala = copious amounts of alcohol + a pretty cool video. It was from that epiphany Codename ADDY was born – a series of four funny and exciting videos that would help break up the monotony of a 40+ minute winner’s slideshow. Luckily for us, the audience was drunk enough to enjoy the videos and the ADDYs went off without a hitch. In the end, it was great fun and we are excited to share with you, Codename ADDY.

NOTE: There are four videos total. Just follow the links at the end of the video to watch them in order.

UPDATE: We’re having an issue with YouTube blocking Part 4 (we use some awesome music in it, which they don’t think is cool.) We’re working on a solution, and we’ll post it here when we know.

UPDATE #2: Here’s part 4 of the series! Enjoy!

Codename Addy – Part 4 from Red Productions on Vimeo.