Austin Crum Named Official “Bad Boy” At Local Video Production Company

Riots broke out across South Main Street Tuesday, after Austin Crum received the first ever “Bad Boy” award at a local film company. Crum, who was confused and troubled by the honor, said it came as a “total surprise” when CEO Red Sanders placed the crown on his head and sash on his shoulders.

“We all thought Sherman had this on lock,” Crum explained. “(Young) wears overalls with only one shoulder strap — that’s about the baddest thang I’ve ever seen.”

Sherman Young refused to comment on the perceived slight, saying that “it’s an ongoing matter and my attorneys will speak on my behalf.”

Sanders, who thought giving this award would be seen as “youthful” and “raw”, has expressed zero regret in the fallout. “(Crum) is the Bad Boy of Red Productions. Always has been. Always will be.”