Bittersweet Ending

As the final week of my internship at Red Productions comes to an end, I can only think of one word to sum up my emotions perfectly–bittersweet. It’s sad to know that this valuable experience has come to an end, but it’s absolutely gratifying to have completed my training as a film development intern with all of the inspiring and hardworking people at Red Productions. Rather than being treated as just another intern, this company welcomed me with open arms and has treated me like family since day one. Truly, it was a joy to work in the beautifully-designed office (kudos to Red’s mom) and be a part of this progressive team of creative minds. These eighteen weeks have been challenging, which has helped me to learn so much in order to adapt with the ever-evolving fields of film and production.

My main responsibility at Red was to write script coverage. Every week, Creative Executive Derek Brown would give me two scripts to read, analyze and grade. Since writing my first script coverage, I have not only developed into a better writer and analytical reader, but I have also learned the necessary components of a great screenplay. Thanks to this training and experience, I have become a more capable and confident film professional.

Most of my days at Red were spent writing script coverage, manning the front desk to welcome guests, and answer phone calls. Occasionally, I would run errands and help with miscellaneous tasks around the office. To anyone who thinks this sounds boring or monotonous, believe me when I say that everyday here felt exciting and new. Exciting like the feeling of watching Fight Club for the first time. My time at Red mended seamlessly with my school schedule, and I was consistently busy doing things that I loved: learning, reading, writing, or hanging out with Sophie, Red’s dog (picture below).

All in all, I’m completely thankful to have had the opportunity to intern at Red Productions. Furthermore, it’s awesome that this internship was credited towards my degree and will forever be a mark of pride on my transcript and resume. Instead of being in a classroom, I was able to work for an innovative company with extraordinary and talented people, all the while reveling in the unique opportunity to learn firsthand the video production business. That’s hard to beat.  If you are a college student who is eager to learn more about the film industry and believe you are able to handle the challenge, look no further. This is a company that is doing great things for the city of Fort Worth and people across the nation–the future of Red blazing and exciting.

-Taylor Cullinane