Black Lives Matter.

2020 has been a year for the history books — filled with setbacks, challenges and changes for everyone. We are proud of the brave people here in Fort Worth who are holding our businesses, community leaders, and government accountable for standing up against racial injustice in our nation. 

We stand in solidarity with the black community and we will never tolerate racial injustice in our nation. Our company is intentionally taking this time to listen and learn about the needs of those around us. We know we are not perfect, but we are striving to be better.

We believe that the film, TV, and commercial industry desperately needs more representation from all backgrounds. Our company believes in the power of storytelling, but without diverse representation, the industry misses important perspectives that the world needs to hear. 

At Red Productions, we are committed to: 

  • Supporting Black Creatives: We have the opportunity to work with many talented creatives on a daily basis. Some of these projects include black actors in lead roles of our projects such as Melville, Clarus Glassboards, Fort Worth Zoo and many more. Everyone’s voice and talent is important to us and we are committed to pursue more black representation through our work. 
  • Giving Back to Communities of Color: Our team is committed to making a difference in our community. We’ve dedicated over 100 hours of paid staff time to allow our team to read with and mentor kids at our neighboring Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary school. This is part of the 100X25 FWTX goal – 100 percent of Fort Worth third-graders reading on grade level or above by 2025.
  • Educating Ourselves: Our team is committed to supporting black people through action and education. Not only is educating ourselves the first step to making a change, but we are also proud to have team members speaking out and taking a knee for the injustice of black lives in our nation. 

We are in this fight for the long haul and will continue to stand with the black community until justice and peace is present. Click the link below for resources provided by the City of Fort Worth on how we can actively support and engage in a better community for everyone.

-The Red Productions Team