Capturing The Rangers’ Championship Journey

The Texas Rangers are World Series champs, and we’re off the charts excited. While the Rangers were putting in work on the field, we were putting in work for the screen. Sure, we weren’t the ones throwing fastballs, stealing bases, and hitting grand slams (don’t worry, we’ll leave that one for Adolis García), but we were busy creating cinematic magic. In our books, that kind of does feel like a grand slam. 

It’s always a blast creating content for the Rangers, and this year’s World Series win made it all the more exciting. In honor of the Rangers bringing home the dub, here’s a recap of all the Rangers videos we produced for their World Series winning season. 


It was time to stop looking back and start looking forward. The first 50 years of Rangers baseball well.. could’ve been better. It was time to turn the page. “Turn The Page” is about the Rangers putting a close on the past and setting their eyes on the future. Local poet Black Caesar brought this video to life with his spoken word performance. This video dropped at the close of the 2022 season. Safe to say, the Rangers definitely turned the page. 


When Opening Day came, the Rangers were locked in and ready. Their season was predestined to be great. They’d been preparing all off-season, and it was time to ascend. “Ascension” was released at the start of the season to set the tone for the incredible journey ahead. 


The Rangers were locked in and ready. Good times were coming. “Anthem” was released on the cusp of Opening Day. Oh, and what’s more Texas than a Pat Green voice-over?


The Rangers were upping their game in every way, including their uniforms. The City Connect uniform celebrates the origin story of the Rangers and the Texas spirit that brought Dallas and Fort Worth together in Arlington. For the epic uniform’s reveal, it needed an equally epic video. To say we had fun making this one is an understatement. “Home” was directed by Erica Silverman and released in April.

City Connect Explainer

When the story behind a uniform is that rich, it obviously needs a whole video explaining its roots. The voice-over is by none other than Tom Grieve, or, as many like to call him, Mr. Ranger.


It’s go time. The Rangers were moving on to the postseason to take on the Tampa Rays. Our post team cooked up a sizzle reel to fuel the hype. 


The Rangers prevailed. One step closer to that World Series title. What does that call for? Another sizzle reel of course.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the World Series. It was officially time to #GoAndTakeIt. Our post team whipped this killer sizzle together in record timing of only 2 days. Obviously, adding the sad Astros fans was a must (We do admire the commitment to the fit though!). 

Safe to say, the Rangers #WentAndTookIt. We are proud to have played a part in telling the story of their championship season. As the confetti falls and the celebrations continue, we join Rangers fans everywhere in savoring this historic victory. Congratulations to the Texas Rangers on an extraordinary and well-deserved World Series championship! Let’s run it back next year. 

Our sincere gratitude goes out to our friends at the Rangers, and we want to extend a special thanks to Scott Biggers (Rangers’ Creative Director) and Tim Johnston (Rangers’ Director of Creative Content). We’d also like to give a huge shoutout to our very own Sam Parnell, whose wizard-like editing brought these videos to life, and Scott Nichols, who produced these projects to fruition.