Case Study: Peterbilt “Drive It Forward”

We recently produced a video for Peterbilt, a renowned commercial truck manufacturer, to announce the release of its New Model 589. Here’s a look at how the video was approached by director Nate Townsend.


Peterbilt is more than a truck. To many, it represents a way of life with drivers and businesses relying on it day in and day out. The legacy of Peterbilt extends beyond the roads and highways; it’s a powerful narrative of American ingenuity and engineering prowess that stretches across generations. Our goal was simple: capture the significance & feeling of the Peterbilt brand.

“The Peterbilt 589 is a culmination of eighty years of craft and tradition. At once nostalgic and pioneering, the 589 embodies the dreams and aspirations of its drivers. We approached our film just as Peterbilt did the 589 – with respect to the past and eye to the future. The result will be a heartfelt, branded narrative built to last.”

– Nate Townsend

Nate orchestrated a powerful narrative to match Peterbilt’s generational impact, crafting a compelling story that would forge a deep and meaningful connection. The video tells the story of a retiring father passing the torch to his daughter symbolizing the deeply sentimental value of the Peterbilt truck. 

“We approached this piece like a narrative film – placing greatest emphasis on the journey of our characters and the world they inhabit. At its core, this is a story of a daughter taking the wheel from her father – a compelling and resonant moment that every family connects with.” 

– Nate Townsend


We went big for this shoot. From location to cinematography to casting to everything in between, we ensured that all aspects of the production process enabled us to encapsulate the essence of the Peterbilt brand. 

When it came to location, Texas was the obvious choice. Texas and Peterbilt are both bridled with unwavering spirit and pride. The warm hospitality of Texas perfectly complemented the spot’s narrative, emphasizing Peterbilt’s commitment to building lasting relationships with its customers. 

Art direction was approached with deliberate intention to infuse the video with captivating charm. By blending nostalgic and modern aesthetics, we ensured that every frame captured attention and conveyed the core message of the video.

Stylistically, we wanted the imagery to feel warm and familial — something timeless, just like the 589. Each shot was purposeful and inspired. Shots often incorporated movement and motion to breathe life into the story. We used state-of-the-art gear and equipment to obtain the look we wanted. 

Through thoughtful selection, we assembled a cast that not only brings the script to life, but also resonates authentically with the audience.

“In our approach to casting, we struck a balance of authentic and aspirational for the viewers to empathize with and see themselves in our characters.”

– Nate Townsend

The post-production process brought all the elements together cohesively resulting in a video that not only met but exceeded our vision and expectations.

“In a narrative-driven piece, post-production and finishing goes far beyond polishing. It’s an opportunity to further mold our story into its ideal shape. A fluid edit, inspired sound design, rich color grade, original composition — all are unique art forms that advance the narrative and cement that timeless quality.”

– Nate Townsend