Chapel Hill Academy — Product Ideas

From JoJo Zavich:

There are some awesomely talented kids in Fort Worth. On February 20th, Red Productions talked to four kids from Chapel Hill Academy, learning about their ideas for an original invention. Each of the kids were interviewed on camera about their product, their design, how and where the public could purchase their product, and if they had any promotions for the first people to buy the product.

These kids are super young, adorable, and incredibly smart. It seems like they are doing more than I did at that age, I was only interested in Disney movies and the Backstreet Boys. On the outside these kids look like innocent little angels. I mean, they are just so sweet and nice, but on the inside, they have a passion to rule the world one toy at a time!

The ideas behind their products were incredible and so much better than I could’ve come up with at their age (or even now). Emily’s product was called The Horse Spa — a toy that allows kids to wash and clean a horse. But in true spa fashion, you can also spruce up your pony with bows, saddles, reins and saddle blankets. She said this toy was for every kid who loved horses or who wanted a horse but could never have one. So when I was younger, I probably would have bought this toy because I wanted a horse and loved animals. Tegan’s product was a soccer ball that helps players of all ages have quicker feet. How cool of a product is that? I’m not good at soccer, but maybe with Tegan’s soccer ball, I could be.

It’s important to find a job doing you love to do, that why I got into video production. For these kids, their product ideas came from what they loved the most. It’s refreshing and inspirational to see the products these kids created. I hope that all four of these kids sustain their drive and passion — it will lead to a truly successful future.