Director Spotlight: Christian Schultz

At Red, we have the opportunity to work with some incredible directors.  The wide variety of jobs we take on means we have an equally wide group of individuals we pull from who create their own incredible and diverse works.  One such director, Christian Schultz, just had a project release on Vimeo, and after our team watched it, we felt we had to share.  Over the course of two years, Christian and the team at Musicbed talked to all sorts of creatives, and artfully put together the feature film “MAKE.”

In Christian’s words, “The impetus of MAKE was to  live within a question for an extended period of time.  But the question was simple. How does Success change your Creativity. Opening up this question to creatives all over the country seemed to open up intangibly honest conversations about what it means to be a creative person. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the goal – to start a conversation that in some ways could never be finished. To ask the question that might not have a clear answer. Somewhere in the midsts of trying to find said answer, we discovered truths that are clearly invaluable to the life of the working creative class. The hope is that a person would watch it and glean something that means a lot to them, and then another person would find something completely different. Our hope is that MAKE would be a song you revisit to spark a memory of a time you don’t want to forget. Something that you come back to when you want to remember why you are passionate about what you do, why you started doing this in the first place, to find the courage to try something new. At the end of the day we hope that MAKE would be the voice in your head that is always telling you ‘Never give up, and never do things for the wrong reasons.'”

Here is the link to watch “MAKE” on demand, and we cannot encourage you enough to check it out!