Los Angeles, CA

Anders Rostad

Los Angeles, CA Anders Rostad

Finding inspiration in all things that stir the soul, Anders Rostad combines his passion for filmmaking with his insatiable thirst to explore the unknown. Whether it be running from machete gangs in Haiti or trekking for days through white desert sand storms (all with camera in hand) the shot just isn’t as good unless his life is on the line.

The extreme range of his interests bleeds into his work— covering the spectrum from high-fashion to heavy metal. After spending his formative years independently plying his craft in the Pacific Northwest, he made the jump to Los Angeles in 2010. Since then he has been sought out by leading brands such as Vogue, Jaguar, Microsoft, TLC, Intel, Discovery Channel, Verizon, Cartoon Network, Samsung, JVC, and more.

His work has been featured on massive display, creating visuals for Pretty Lights nationwide tours and designing several billboard displays in Times Square. Anders has directed music videos for a range of artists, such as Atlas Genius, Pacific Air and Jack’s Mannequin, to name a few.

Outside of music, he’s also worked on several documentaries, most recently traveling to Haiti in 2011 to capture the post-earthquake aftermath, told through the collective perspective of amputee women.Aside from commercials and music videos, Anders is currently working on several films–– along with finding time for a few power-naps between it all.