Does My Company’s Website Need Video?

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Maybe. There’s no crystal ball for determining if a corporate video production project will solve any problems a company’s website may have. Video is just one option for sending your company’s message. However, there are a few benefits you can expect from a well-structured, strategic online video plan.

Video improves SEO and increases site traffic.
As blended search becomes more and more prevalent, having optimized video content on your site can help with search engine rankings. Have you noticed how Google is placing videos at the top of many search results now? Video gives you a chance to be at the top of the search rankings in a new way.

If you host your videos on YouTube and embed them on your site, you have an even better chance to increase views and site traffic. Placing your content on YouTube (or other video sharing sites like Vimeo, Blip.TV, etc.) allows you to increase referral traffic to your site, which Google’s search engine algorithm loves. Also, it couldn’t hurt that Google owns YouTube.

Video engages users by providing personality.
This is particularly true if you’ve got something complicated to explain. A well-executed video can captivate the viewer and explain complicated concepts in a fun and memorable way.

It takes less work to watch a video than it does to read a bunch of copy. Video can be a one-stop shop for displaying relevant information to your site’s visitors. It also allows you to infuse your brand’s personality into the content, making for a better and more memorable user experience.

Video turns viewers into buyers.
Ecommerce sites should definitely consider video demonstrations or explanations of their products. Zappos has embraced video into their sales strategy with unparalleled success. They use video to describe and demonstrate almost every product (thousands and thousands of shoes) on their site. The videos are nothing complicated, simply employees demonstrating the products and explaining benefits.

Video can show your product in action. A key step to improving conversion rate is answering every question your potential customer has; nothing can do that better than video. More and more companies are finding that video demos increase conversion rates and lower shopping cart abandonment.

In conclusion…
There are several tangible, ROI-boosting benefits to a strategic, well-executed video campaign. If you’d like to learn more about how video can help your company, contact us.

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