From The Intern’s Computer…

We asked our interns to keep track of the projects they work on and the skills they develop over the course of the semester. Here’s our first entry from JoJo Zavich.

The first two weeks of my internship have been incredibly awesome!! The first week, I got to pick up the director, Benjamin Cox, of Stereotypically You from the airport. I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what he was going to be like. Once I met him, he was very friendly, and excited that I was going to the test screening of Stereotypically You at TCU. It was awesome that there was a screening at TCU since it’s so close to home, although going to the screening in Austin would have been nice. I love Austin!!! So Stereotypically You is an awesome film!!! I really loved the storyline and the actors!! I loved the main character Charlie!! He’s played by Aaron Tveit, he reminds me of my brother’s roommate. All the actors were great, they really fit their characters. I couldn’t see anybody else play Charlie’s ex but Abby Elliot. She was great just like when she was on How I Met Your Mother!!! When I heard the title, I thought it was going to be a romantic comedy. Even though I’m girl and I enjoy watching a romantic comedy, I can only take so much of the cliche storylines. Then as I was watching the film, I realized this film isn’t a cheesy romantic comedy at all, but a film that represents a path of life for both men and women. My family came to the screening with me. So when I looked over at my brother and he was laughing at one of the scenes that involved bankers, I knew we had a winner. My brother wants to be a banker on Wall-Street. Then I looked on the other side of me and my mom was crying during the end of the film. It was not a sad cry but a happy cry, I knew she loved it as well. So girls, your boyfriends have no excuse to not go with you to see Stereotypically You. Everyone, go see the film when it is released, you will not be disappointed!

When I interviewed for the internship at Red Productions, I applied for the on-set intern. The really cool thing about Red Productions is that even though you apply for a certain job, you can pretty much do any aspect of video production work! The creative minds at works over at Red Productions are mind blowing!! Some of the pieces that they have produced are unbelievable!!! It’s no wonder they have the clients they have, such as the Cowboys. How awesome is that, to have America’s team as a client?! I love sports, so you can’t go wrong with that.

Something that is important when you are an intern is that you feel welcomed at a company. The whole team at Red Productions welcomed me with open arms. Everyone is willing to help better my video production skills. I have been on one shoot in the past two weeks. I was a production assistant on that shoot and the project was for Safety Kleen. I had never heard of that company before. Their product involves cleaning supplies, cleaning oil, and waste management, a very interesting line of work. One of Safety Kleen client’s is NASCAR. I don’t watch NASCAR, but that’s a pretty awesome client!! I have learned what a lot of the production gear was in school, however some of it I was unsure of how to set it up. So with the help of the crew I learned how to set up a kino, which is a light. I know it seems, simple for most of us in this business, but I was pretty dang proud of myself.

My absolute favorite part of producing a video is post production. This is where most of the editing, coloring, motion graphics, and etc. takes place. I love editing, that’s what my dream job would be. So when I’m not busy, I can sit in with Sam Parnell, the editor, and watch him edit a project. He also has older projects that I can work on to better my editing skills. In addition Matt Harton, the line producer at Red Productions, is helping me to learn how to create crew sheets which are a very important part of the pre-production process. I have never been so excited to have a job in my life. I like the fact that everyday there will be something new for me to do. I can tell that this semester is going to be a really exciting time in my life. The sky is the limit with this internship and I’m going to make the most of it!!! Red Productions seems like a really great fit for me, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the weeks ahead.