From The Intern’s Desk: Congratulations on Doing Something with Your Life

Hi, I’m Erin Summerlin, one of Red Production’s newest summer interns. That sounds really great, but what does it mean? For me, it means my reason to hop out of bed in the morning, not feet first, but head, because I need to think creatively here. “How am I going to do something awesome, TODAY?” And that is exactly the mentality I try to keep every day coming into the office and onto set.

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with my sister. She was explaining to me how difficult it was for her to find a job and how much she wished she had done an internship while attending the University of Texas. The thought of getting an internship had crossed my mind, but this was my ultimate push. I applied to Red and called my sister back to tell her that I had listened. And now that I’ve been with Red Productions for a few weeks, I know now that my sister is more than right. College students looking to go into a creative field need to make a name for themselves and a path. The best way to do that is by getting an internship, gaining some confidence, hands-on experience, and learning how to be professional.

Some of the most important rules I’ve learned within my short time here are:

  • Actively listen. (To people’s body language and their needs. Never interrupt someone).
  • Don’t take anything personally. (There is no time for this).
  • Be over-prepared. Re-read in your spare time. (Bring everything that you might need, and one extra thing just in case- laser guns are very useful).
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself. (Let people appreciate just how odd you are).
  • Don’t be afraid to bug people. (Make sure people know how much you want to help them, especially if you can make their job easier).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. (Things can be done the right way the first time).
  • No task is too small. (You might not be able to see the big picture, but everyone will appreciate you for your efforts).
  • Always dress nice. (You never know if you may be meeting the Mayor that day).
  • Have a positive attitude about EVERYTHING. (Others will feed off of your energy).

Red Productions isn’t just any company. They constantly raise the bar for commercials and films coming out of the DFW area. Not only are they a successful production company, but everyone who works here is incredibly welcoming, down to earth, and just all around cool people.

I still am shocked when they laugh at my jokes, but half the time I’m sure it is out of pity. THANKS RED PRODUCTIONS!