From The Intern’s Desk…

From Troy Sonefeld:

After two months into my internship, I’ve actually decided to organize all the work I’ve done, when I suddenly came across my culture index.For those who don’t know what this is, a culture index is a personality test one is required to take to be considered for a job here at Red Productions, and is used to see if you are cool and attractive enough for this job. Ok maybe not that, because I’m not sure how I would’ve passed. However, it is used to see what type of personality you have so that they can place you where you will be most beneficial.

Me personally, I am a craftsman. When I was handed the paper explaining what type of person I am, I scoffed and thought, “this test doesn’t know me.” However, I have come to realize that this test knows me quite well; almost too well. One personality trait of the craftsman is that I need to have an internal set schedule, and I need continuity more than anything else. I come to intern everyday, sit down at the same desk everyday, work the same hours every week, read scripts and do coverage, and then leave. I guess you could say that is pretty consistent; consistency being another attribute a craftsman needs to be successful.

Being the Film Development intern here means one of two things; my assigned boss, Derek, sends me scripts to cover while he soaks up the sun in California. And two, it means wondering if everyone in the office really thinks I’m actually doing anything. The second one I wonder mainly because I sit in silence as I read my scripts and focus completely on that. However, I’m comforted when I read my culture index and it says that my personality is, “uncomfortable with small talk.” So now, I feel a little more at peace knowing that I’m an unsocial weirdo; thanks culture index!

How does this all tie in together you may ask? While some people might think that doing the same thing everyday is boring, they have to realize that while I may be doing the same thing all the time, I’m also working in a unique and creative environment. The best part about being a craftsman is that my personality type helped Red Productions see where I would fit in best, and found where I would be the most successful. And while being a craftsman has its’ positives and negatives, I realize that this is exactly where I need to be. I guess it’s not so crazy after all.