GCG Marketing Slam Poetry Video

Our friends at GCG Marketing in Fort Worth wanted to create a video that provided current and potential clients with a better understanding of what makes GCG Marketing so special – their people. GCG came to us with an idea of conveying their message in a slam poetry fashion. GCG’s senior copywriter, Scott Porter, presented us with a script that was unlike any “Who We Are” piece we had ever seen (or produced for that matter). This immediately excited our team because great video production projects always begin with beautiful copy. With the script in hand, it was up to us to not murder their well-crafted prose and provide them with something truly worthy of their brand.

For two days, we immersed ourselves at GCG. Our lens was able to capture what outsiders rarely get a chance to see: creative minds doing what they do best. With hours of footage in the can, we went to work marrying the copy with the right images. But we didn’t want to stop there. We commissioned a music composer to create a custom score in order to set the video apart. In the end, we love how this video turned out and we are thrilled that GCG received it with cheers, applause, and chants of “play it again, play it again!”

We really hope you enjoy this video, too, and by all means… play it again!