Hey, text me the ADDY

Don’t forget to send the ADDY to all your friends and family– because Red Productions brought home Gold, Bronze, Local Flavor, and Humor awards! 

We are proud of the work we do at Red Productions but it’s always nice when other people recognize our hard work, too! Check out the award-winning videos below: 

FILM, VIDEO, AND SOUND – GOLD: Milkfluencer, Promised Land Dairy

MOST HUMOROUS: Milkfluencer, Promised Land Dairy

-Directed by Andrew Disney

-Edited by Sam Parnell

-Produced by Matt Harton

What’s the story? There’s fashion influencers, athlete influencers, cooking influencers, celebrity influencers… who’s to say there can’t be milkfluencers too? Did this video make you crave some chocolate milk? Did it work? We aren’t at liberty to say exactly how many bottles of chocolate milk were consumed on set but let’s just say, nobody left without a ‘stache. 

FILM, VIDEO, AND SOUND- BRONZE: Texas Rangers Rival Campaign

-Written by Andrew Disney

-Edited by Sam Parnell

-Produced and voiced by Scott Nichols

What’s the story? At Red Productions, we like to make it fun–in the office, on set, or in the work we produce. Let’s just say, the Rangers marketing team took this to heart and let us have a LOT of fun with the negative campaign ads against their rival teams. Fun doesn’t always mean ridiculous but… it’s sometimes extra fun when it does. We stand for earth! 

LOCAL FLAVOR AWARD: Hold Down the Fort

-Produced by Alyssa Vaught, Amanda Stephens, Giselle Saucedo 

What’s the story? On a more serious note, we love Fort Worth and the community we belong to. COVID-19 has tested the strength of support systems and individuals in numerous ways but one thing is certain, Fort Worth continues to stand strong because of community members and small-businesses like the ones shown in this video. We were honored to be a part of the Hold Down the Fort project and are forever grateful to call this city our home!