How To Win at YouTube

A vast majority of the videos on YouTube are absolute crap, even the videos that get millions of views.

This is the 20th most viewed video on YouTube. It has more than 200 million views. Whatever faith you may have just lost in mankind aside, that’s impressive.

Everyone wants to make a viral video these days, so how do you make one? It seems simple enough: you put a video online, send it to some friends, then they send it to some more friends and so on until you’re topping one million views. However it’s a lot more complicated than that.

People won’t just share any video in an email or on their Facebook wall. The videos that we share say a lot about us. Generally the videos shared are either 1) hilarious 2) adorable 3) very well made or 4)informative.

Production Value

This dog can hold a camera steadier than 99% of YouTube uploaders.

Production value will take your video a long way. I can’t count how many videos I’ve immediately clicked off of because they were poorly made.

If you’ve started off your video with this effect, you’re doing it wrong.


Spend some time to learn how to properly operate your camera, making sure you get good sound and light, and learn how to get the best results out of your editing program. Very rarely do you actually need a title screen on a video you’re uploading to YouTube. At best it will just repeat what the page title says, and at worst it will drive everyone away from your video.

When you decide you’re going to make a video for YouTube, look online for other videos on the same subject. Try to find the best one there is, then do a better job.

YouTube Users

You might get lucky by posting one awesomely epic video that goes absolutely viral and the entire world sees it, or you can commit to continuously producing high quality content until you get noticed.

Many users have started putting out videos every week. Users with high view counts are usually funny and/or informative, and stick to a video-posting schedule. Sometimes the content that gets posted is amazing, and sometimes it’s terrible, but the more videos you get, the more of a following you’re likely to get until you’re a YouTube Celebrity. Bo Burnham, Britanick, and even Justin Bieber have all used the Internet to launch their careers.

Keep up your hard work and eventually you may see this:


When your YouTube channel hits about 10,000 views, you have the option to monetize your videos. It basically means Google can put ads on, around, and before your video to make money off of you. You get a cut of that money, but it’s not going to make you a millionaire.

Whether you decide to monetize or not is up to you. Monetizing can actually hurt your views because a lot of people are not patient enough to wait through a 30 second commercial to watch your cat chase a laser pointer. Google Chrome users can avoid those annoying YouTube ads with this extension.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, winning at YouTube involves captivating content and persistence. The videos you create must be funny/inspirational/moving enough to inspire the viewer to take an action. But don’t worry, your friendly dfw video production company is here to help! Click the button below to get more information on a video production project with us.

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