How we Motivated the Dallas Cowboys to Win….Just Kidding….Kinda

A man wearing a Dallas Cowboys navy blue shirt that reads "FIGHT" stands with his arms out like he is giving an impassioned speech - from Red Productions, a full service film & production company in Fort Worth Texas

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the Dallas Cowboys earned their second playoff victory in five tries yesterday. We are not saying we were the determining factor in the close game, but we definitely helped light up the stadium as the ‘Boys took the field with the help of The Playmaker, Michael Irvin.

To say Michael Irvin can fire up Dallas fans is merely an understatement, being the three-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Pro Bowler, and Hall of Famer he is. So, when we had an opportunity to shoot another video with Irvin on New Years Day, we jumped! Needless to say, we are also Cowboys fans and are enjoying this ride as much as you are.

We had a short window while the team was at practice to be in the locker-room as they prepared for Suh and company. It was ready to air the next day. Directed by Andrew Disney and shot/edited by Matt Munson, this video has taken social media by storm. As of this writing, Finish the Fight has already been picked up by websites such as Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Screen, 105.3 The Fan, and thousands of other shares.

We appreciated having the opportunity to create this piece with Matt Coy and have it play as the team took the field! Watching our video on the jumbotron at Jerry World and hearing the cheers were priceless. We can’t wait for Green Bay next weekend and the next opportunity to air this epic video.

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