How We Placed 38 Different Movie Characters in 11 Seconds

Each year we have the pleasure of producing the pre-show bumper that plays before each film at the Lone Star International Film Festival. Last year our team had a blast creating a series of three shorts called Movie Logic. And to our surprise, our hard work was rewarded with Best in Show at the 2011 ADDYs. Fast forward one year and we’re back at it again. This year we wanted to push the envelope even further and create something wacky, artistic, fun, engaging and Oh. So. Awesome.

As a video production company, we understand the importance of trying different styles and creating work unlike anything we’d done before. We were inspired by the low-res digital art look that LSIFF branded their festival with this year. So our plan was to throw a bunch of characters from the movies in the festival into different low-res video game scenes, with Fort Worth locations acting as the backdrop. We shot some Fort Worth plates, cut out a helluvalota characters in Photoshop and created the animation in motion.

We wanted to include characters from lots of different films and we knew the video would play before EVERY screening at the festival — meaning festival-goers would see this at least 5 times. To be successful, the video needed to get increasingly interesting the more you viewed it; the viewer should find something new each time they see it. So, in only 11 seconds of the video, there are 38 different movie characters.

It was a lot of fun making something so stylized and zany, and we hope to keep trying completely new video concepts each November!