Interns On Set

Red Productions is lucky to have quality individuals at every level of the team, and that includes our interns.  While their work typically puts them in the office with us, we like to give every opportunity to be on set possible, and a few of our interns shared their experiences below:

When I walked into the office on Wednesday morning, I expected to have a typical day at Red Productions As the creative development intern, this usually involves reading, summarizing, and critiquing screenplays on my computer. I was completely in the zone, sucked into an interesting script, when Red Sanders walked in and asked if I wanted to tag along to the set of our newest project at TCU. I don’t usually work on set, but as soon as I heard about this project I jumped up and said yes right away. I wouldn’t ever want to miss out on the opportunity to shoot something for my favorite school, especially a promotional video for TCU Football!

“When we got to the practice facility where the shoot was taking place, everyone there seemed busy and excited. The TCU marketing staff buzzed enthusiastically about how awesome the video was going to be, and how rowdy it would make our fans when they showed it at games. I helped set up our equipment and get everything ready for the players to arrive. I learned a lot about how much work goes into preparing a set before we can even start filming. When the players finally showed up, I was completely star-struck. I couldn’t wait to brag to all of my friends that I had worked on a shoot with players like Deantè Gray and Josh Carraway! We got all sorts of footage of them looking tough and ferocious, throwing around footballs, and hyping up the crowd. As a TCU football fan, it was a dream come true!

Walking around and watching everyone do their job during filming taught me a lot about the different aspects of production. I got to see first hand how the cameramen, directors, and producers translated our ideas into film. I even got to watch a makeup artist paint dirt and sweat onto the players to make it look like they were really in a game! When we finished filming for the day, we collapsed our equipment and loaded it all back into the van. I was tired, but also very proud of how well the shoot had gone. It definitely wasn’t a typical workday for me, but it was very fun and rewarding all the same. I can’t wait to watch our video on the big screen at TCU football games, knowing that I played a part in making it happen!”-Margaret Boschini.

“At Red Productions, interns of every title get the opportunity to experience all parts of production to some degree. Thankfully, the team at Red is welcoming and kind people who make it clear they want the interns to learn through experiences. As an Accounts/Producing intern the day-to- day aspects and inner workings of productions tend to be my main focus. Each day every task is different and every one genuinely unexpected.

Arguably one of the best experiences of them all would have to be working on set. There are multiple aspects of the production process and each intern – I guess you could say, “specializes”, in one – but to everyone involved there’s nothing like being on set and watching everything happen for yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to be on set for 2 different projects during my time at Red. Each project has it’s own goal, it’s own team, and it’s own life being brought forward.

The first less complicated: a crew of 7, one camera, one talent, no audio – more like a getting together of friends who just happened to have cameras. Naturally, the second set provided a different – but equally as enticing – energy than the first. There were more people, more locations, and a stricter timeline (not to mention Indian Pacer’s Myles Turner being on set). Everyone focused on their own particular tasks while still making time to laugh and get to know the others. At the end of the day, the atmosphere at Red Productions both on set and in the office is one that encourages learning and fun. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be around people who are both passionate and skilled in full-service video production and learn from them.”-Josie Cyrus.

At Red, we like to stay busy with shoots, so give us a call and we’ll meet you on set!