iProspect: 20 years of success

Sometimes at Red we work with companies across the country, other times we are lucky enough to have our partners located right across the street.  iProspect isn’t just a great client, they are great neighbors to us, and we are excited to share some of their success with our followers.

Having opened their doors in 1996 in Boston, iProspect has been continuously devoted to increasing their clients’ brand efficacy with stunning results.  While their jobs may be extremely complicated, their results are simple, they help you stand out from the competition so that the people you want to reach can hear you.  But here is a video we did for them that gives a bit more detail of their work.

In 2016, iProspect tasked us to consolidate their 20 years into a video they could share with their clients and partners.

iProspect 20th Anniversary from Red Productions on Vimeo.

At Red Productions, we get to see another side of iProspect as well, their culture.  Whether it be their pretty fantastic office, cornhole on their back porch, or even just members of their team stopping by our place for a beer, iProspect doesn’t compromise on the fun factor either.  We love working on projects with iProspect because just like us, they love to have fun creating excellent work that makes clients happy.

So here’s to you iProspect, hoping your next 20 years are as incredible as the first!