Make it fun!

Red Productions Team Photo

We’ve never explicitly published our company core values, but if you’ve worked with us or spent time in our office, chances are these come as no surprise. Our culture is defined by our team members and the quality work that we produce. 

1. Make it fun

First and foremost, we like to have fun. Too often, people associate work and fun as antonyms — but that’s not how it should be. Whether we’re listening to music in the office, pitching an idea to a client with creative freedom, or just having a positive attitude on set, our team will always make it fun. Each team member’s innate ability to do so is what makes Red Productions so great and why we love what we do with every day, every shoot, and every conversation. 

2. Work and grow as a team

Teamwork and collaboration are central to the work we do in video production. Each day at work or on set presents new opportunities for development and growth as a team. We are as strong as the quality of support and standards we give to each other and believe in the power of teamwork as a means toward great achievements and success. 

3. Be open, honest, and accountable

With clients, with each other. Mistakes happen. Communication of these mistakes or celebration of successes should be direct and honest. We foster an environment of honest and open communication and strong support so that team members feel comfortable with dialogue and transparency. When working with Red Productions, we guarantee that any and all information will be clearly communicated to you at all times. 

4. Stay hungry 

The world is dynamic and so are we. There are always new things to explore and bigger goals to reach. We adhere to this value by setting ambitious goals, encouraging each other, and working towards success as a team. 

5. Cultivate community 

It’s tough to imagine what Red Productions would look like without the help and support of the communities in which we belong. Fort Worth, the creative community, our backlot members, and our clients continue to demonstrate support and appreciation for the work we are doing. Regardless of project size or growth as a team or company, our dedication to community cultivation remains at the forefront of our mission and values. 

6. Do great work

Above all, we must do great work. Part of what allows us to do great work is the adherence to and demonstration of our core values. The awards we’ve won are reflective of this great work, but we continue to push ourselves beyond our present capabilities and are never satisfied with mediocrity. Clients and our own team members receive full attention, and commitment to producing great work.