New Music Video — Hudson Moore’s “Fireworks”

by Chris Rodriguez

It’s an hour until show time, a backstage pass dangles loosely from my neck, and boy-oh-BOY, do I feel important! Enjoying my moment of glory, I look down and notice a wad of gum, coupled with its Big League Chew pouch, stuck to my shoe… Awesome. After flicking the wad off my shoe with a deliberate kicking motion, I get back to the task at hand. I take a brief moment to look around at all the commotion. Musicians in skinny jeans walk around to calm their nerves, stagehands scurry in a hundred different directions, a jet-black tour bus idles in the parking lot and a brilliant Texas sunset washes everything in golden light. In our industry we call this time of day, magic hour. Pulling a guitar case from the back of a black SUV is a young man with a slender build. His name is Hudson Moore. And tonight he opens for a Texas legend.

Hudson greets me with a warm smile and excitement in his voice. He welcomes the team of shooters I’ve brought with me. We share in the excitement since it’s not everyday we shoot a concert with an up-and-coming country musician. We are now a part of the band, if only for tonight. With cameras rolling, Hudson and his band launch into their warm-up routine in the dying sunlight. Before we know it we’re given a five-minute warning to show time and our team scurries into place. I wish Hudson a great performance and he returns the gesture with a smile. A muffled introduction over the loud speakers, the crowd hoots and hollers them selves into frenzy. Hudson lets out a deep breath and runs up the backstage ramp. It’s show time.

But rather than just tell you about it, you should have a look for yourself. We hope you enjoy.