Our ALS Challenge Video is Really, Really Pretty

A still shot from Red Productions' professional video production of their own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or at least heard of the ALS Challenge videos that are popping up everywhere online. Basically, people challenge each other to dump a bucket of ice water on themselves in order to raise awareness and funds for ALS.

As connoisseurs of web video, we were happy to get in on this. Our intern Hunter actually brought up the idea, so we figured we better use really expensive equipment and manpower to make this thing beautiful. We shot this in 480FPS, which means that even though it only took :04 sceonds to dump the ice water on him, the resulting video is 20 times longer than that. You can see all the beautiful details in every cube of ice and droplet of water in super slow motion.

So here, in all its 480FPS HD beauty, is Hunter doing the ice bucket challenge.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oYFnFhj6G8?rel=0]