Balls Out

With graduation, marriage, and an uncertain future on the horizon, fifth-year college senior Caleb Fuller (Jake Lacy) decides to do the one thing he vowed to never do again: get the ol’ flag football team back together. Now with the help of his Panther teammates and unorthodox head coach Grant Rosenfalis (Nick Kocher) Caleb must defy all odds and logic if he ever hopes to achieve the intramural football glory he once had.

Will The Panther’s overcome their underdog status to defeat the still dominant Titans led by Dick Downs (Beck Bennett)? Will the wheelchair bound Grant put aside his bitterness towards Caleb and coach the Panthers to a championship? Will Caleb’s fianc√© Vicky (Kate McKinnon) get the wedding she’s always dreamed of? Will every sports cliche be twisted around in the most entertaining fashion?

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