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We followed these music fanatics as they prepare for the 2017 festival. The BonnaGrannies, a group of retired 80-somethings, venture out on their fourth trip to Bonnaroo where they feel the beats and meet one of their favorite artists, Chris Stapleton, on stage. John Parsons, a San Franciscan and self-proclaimed archivist-documentarian, on his thirteenth festival, who has recorded and collected over 120 hours of sound at Bonnaroo. And 8-year-old “Squish”, a world record holder and high-five enthusiast, ventures to his fourth Bonnaroo with his mother to make more memories and explore their relationship with music.

These people gave us a peek into their lives to tell their story about how Bonnaroo has impacted their families, their passions and their happiness. It is easy to see why tens of thousands of people flock to the festival each year from all walks of life. A collector. A mother-and-son duo. A group of old friends. We’re so proud and honored to tell their story and hope our documentary leaves you feeling inspired.

Of course, to tell incredible stories we need to collaborate with incredible minds. We knew that Christian Schultz would be the perfect director for this documentary with his passion for making films about people. He and the rest of the team were integral parts of this thing that we are so proud of. You can watch “This and Nothing Else” on RedBull TV now.


Bonnaroo is an annual four-day music festival hosted on a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. The festival celebrates a diverse array of top acts in music from across the globe. Each year the festival attracts over 80,000+ music fans, touching lives and creating unforgettable memories for all who attend.

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