Red Productions Wins National Sports Video Award for TCU Football

After a few whirlwind days in Atlanta at the College Sports Video Summit, we are proud to be bringing the award for best Promotion or Video Marketing Campaign back to Fort Worth (well technically, they’re mailing it to us but you get the point). This was our first time entering and attending this conference, and we met a lot of thought leaders and experts in sports media. To the casual sports fan, watching a game on TV is no big deal, but those in the industry know how much work goes into making sports productions seem effortless.

The awards ceremony was definitely the highlight of our trip. We were nominated for two awards in the toughest categories competing directly against national sports groups like ESPN, NBC Sports, Turner Sports and CBS Sports. Our video for TCU Football “Revolution” beat out many recognizable national video promotions like College Gameday and March Madness.

We were surprised and delighted when they called our name for the award. We’d like to thank TCU for letting us work with them on this project. Congratulations to director Chris Rodriguez and the rest of the creative team for their fantastic work. And lastly, thanks to all the TCU fans who supported our work and gave us thousands of online views!