“Searching for Sonny” to Premiere at Austin Film Festival in October

World Premiere at Austin Film Festival

I am so happy, proud, and fired up to announce the World Premiere of “Searching for Sonny.” Austin Film Festival has to be one of my favorite film festivals, if not my favorite. First of all, it’s chaired by my writing hero, Shane Black, who wrote Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a film I was incredibly inspired by when dreaming up Searching for Sonny. Secondly, it’s in the coolest city in America: Austin, Texas. I think few can dispute that claim, and if they do, they’re probably only saying so in spite and/or jealously (though Fort Worth, is a close second.) Last of all, I love AFF because it truly is a festival full of people who love film. This is an incredibly accessible event where professionals, amateurs, and film-lovers come together to share, rejuvenate, and marvel together at the silver screen. I truly believe that.

What’s Next

Tune in to our Facebook page, the central hub for all things “Sonny.” Over the next several months we’ll be updating daily with clues, clips, photos, and much more. Soon we’ll be rolling out our release plan with all the information on how you can see “Searching for Sonny.”

What We Need From You

Again, this is an indie film. We don’t have a big ol’ advertising budget, so we’re relying on YOU for publicity. We want a lean, mean, grassroots machine that’s built on social buzz. We need you to post, tweet, and blog your hearts our for “Searching for Sonny.” The time is now! This is what we’ve all been waiting for; it’s time fight for this film. Go forth and suggest the “Sonny” facebook page to all your friends!

-Andrew Disney