Searching for Sonny

searching for sonny

Searching for Sonny is the second feature length film by Red Productions. We teamed up with Writer/Director Andrew Disney in the Spring of 2009 and it’s been a great experience bringing this script to screen and helping it see as wide an audience as possible.

We’ll have a finished film in the can by end of February, so get ready!

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After receiving a mysterious postcard, directionless pizza delivery guy Elliot Knight (Jason Dohring) decides to attend his high school reunion in Texas and make amends with Sonny Bosco (Masi Oka), an old friend he once wronged. Once there, Elliot reunites with his fraternal twin brother, ne’er-do-well Calvin (Nick Kocher), their timorous former pal Gary Noble (Brian McElhaney), and gorgeous Eden Mercer (Minka Kelly), the love of just about everyone’s life. When the guys discover that Sonny is missing under mysterious circumstances, their investigation turns meta when they realize that everything happening seems eerily similar to a play they performed in high school – a play Sonny wrote.