Spring 2012 Interns Needed

Are you a student interested in gaining experience at a video production company? We’re accepting applications for our spring 2012 internships. If this looks like a good fit for you, send us your resume.

Development + Production Intern

We are looking for students who are interested in all aspects of production – from development to post-production. Internship candidates should want to stretch their creative legs and dive into each production with an attitude that the more they put in, the more theyʼll get back. We work in a fun environment where hard work is rewarded with great opportunities and exciting experiences. Requisite skills include strong writing ability, and familiarity with Microsoft Office. Familiarity with production concepts, cameras, Final Cut Pro, terminology, and equipment is a plus (but not a must). We have productions at all stages in the pipeline that involve a variety of tasks: concept development, script writing, location scouting, talent selection, crew scheduling, vendor analysis, set design, lighting design, camera work, pulling selects, transcribing, animation, distribution and more. So there are plenty of areas to get involved and interns usually have a hand in each of these areas. Ideal candidates should have a future interest in working in the film and entertainment industry as well as wanting to experience an entrepreneurial environment.

Hours — Students will be required to work at least 5 hours per week. Hours may change on a week-to-week basis, but a certain degree of regularity is expected. All internships begin as unpaid with a promise that you will learn, connect, and have fun in the process and weʼll keep the ”busy work” to a minimum.