Summer 2014 Video Production Internship

What it means to have an internship at Red Productions

I feel so far advanced in my classes compared to my fellow students.
– Brad Laird, Spring 2013 Intern

For me, interning at Red Productions gave me a Family of Fort Worth Filmmakers. It boosted my confidence as a filmmaker as well as helping me to find a job in the film industry.”
– Intern, Fall 2013

It’s not the typical internship. The team at Red Productions caters to each individual to make certain there is always work available and that education is a priority. We never just “throw” an intern into the work environment without some sort of training or list of expectations. Each intern leaves our studio with a better understanding of what it means to work in the professional world; what it means to be a “filmmaker.”

We have productions at all stages in the pipeline that involve a variety of tasks: concept development, script writing, location scouting, talent selection, crew scheduling, script coverage, vendor analysis, set design, lighting design, camera work, pulling selects, editing, animation, distribution, graphic design and more. So there are plenty of areas for opportunities to get involved and interns typically gain experience in each area.

Candidate Requirements

When looking for students and young professionals to hire, we seek those who show a drive and passion to better themselves and better the filmmaking world. We strongly value integrity, character, and passion. We don’t just hire the candidate with the longest resume or highest GPA. We look for the candidate that is going to fit in with our culture and benefit from a long term relationship with Red Productions.

Requisite skills include strong writing ability and the desire to make meaning with every task. Familiarity with production concepts, cameras, non-linear editing, terminology, and equipment is a plus (but not a must). We value students who make an aggressive investment to learn through our commercial, corporate, promotional, and non-profit videos. Ideal candidates should have a future interest in working in the film and entertainment industry as well as wanting to experience an entrepreneurial environment.


Students will be required to work at least 7+ hours a week. Hours may change on a week-to-week basis, but a certain degree of regularity is expected. All internships begin unpaid with a promise that you will learn, connect, and have fun in the process.

Application Process

Please send your resume and cover letter to careers@redproductions. Your resume should document your academic and work accomplishments, awards, and experience. Your cover letter is a good chance to show us your personality, career objectives, and how you might contribute to Red Productions. Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format. Word Documents will not be accepted.