TCU Baseball 2012 Intro Video — The Grind

Picture of a Red Productions videographer filming during their professional Fort Worth video production for TCU Baseball entitled, "The Grind"

It’s been a strange week for TCU fans. At Red Productions, we are — yesterday, and today — proud to work with TCU Athletics. In light of recent news regarding the arrests on campus, we thought about postponing the launch of this video until the media attention calmed down. However, as fans and alums we feel that it is especially important today to stand alongside and show our continued support for TCU. A friend of mine said yesterday, TCU isn’t unique in having drugs on campus; they are unique in that they did something about it.

Even though yesterday was a difficult day for the TCU family, we believe TCU Athletics best days are still in front of it, and that the best thing we can do right now is move on. As fans, we owe it to the TCU Baseball team to give them the support they deserve. So, without further adieu, please watch, enjoy and share the 2012 TCU Baseball Video “The Grind”.

We recommend setting the video to 1080 HD and turning up the volume.

Last year’s TCU Baseball video “Quiet Confidence” has been watched online around 250,000 times and is the most watched video we’ve ever created. We wanted to build on the success of last year’s video and create something the players and fans would be excited about.

Shooting at Lupton Stadium.

Director Chris Rodriguez shows Jason Coats how to run bleachers.

“I felt a certain amount of pressure to deliver a video this year that not only built upon the success of Quiet Confidence, but also one that stayed true to the principles that Coach Schlossnagle instills in his team,” Director Chris Rodriguez said. “I feel we have accomplished just that with this years video. A special thanks go to the team, coaches and the athletic directors who allowed me and my team the space to create something special.”

Chris presenting the video to the team.

Previewing the video with the team.

TCU Baseball begins its season this Friday with a home series against Ole Miss. If you’re able to make it to the game, try to get there before first pitch so you can see the video on the big screen. Go Frogs!