Photographer Tyler Germaine

Any day Tyler gets to press a shutter is a good day in his books, so, as the photographer at Red Productions, every day is a great day for Tyler.

Hailing from Saginaw, Texas, Tyler found his way to Fort Worth after realizing there was nothing to do in his old town (sorry, Saginaw). He attended TCU, where he majored in Film, Television, and Digital Media. Tyler began his film journey as an intern at Red Productions 7 years ago. From there, he worked as a PA, camera operator, and AC. He’s also found his footing as a director, but what Tyler loves the most is getting to hold the camera. Tyler got his first camera in 2017 and the rest is history. He’s shot lifestyle photos for Pepsi, Dickies, and Skagen Denmark to name a few. He also worked on Kendrick Lamar’s N95 music video (no big deal).

Photography is just scratching the surface of Tyler’s talents. His diverse interests include music (with a particular fondness for bass and drums), cooking, and reading. He also dabbles in mural painting, and he even has his own T-shirt line. He’s very involved in the thriving DFW art scene. Above all else, there’s nothing Tyler loves more than enjoying a cup of joe on his front porch while it rains.

Tyler brings his vast experience in the film industry and his photography skills to the table, making him a true asset to our team. If you ask him what he’s passionate about, he’ll tell you without hesitation: art and cameras, man. He lives and breathes it.