The Few, The Witty, The Proud



Meet our 2015 Fall Interns!


Meet Hailey:

My name is Hailey Nance and I’m the new producer/on set intern here at Red Productions. I was born and raised in the city of Dallas, but I’ve spent the more recent years of my life perfecting my hog call in Fayetteville Arkansas (Woo Pig Sooie!) and working at a local news station as a production assistant. I like Chipotle, viewfinders, and movies (shout out to Netflix for always being by my side through thick and thin). I can’t wait to dive in and see what challenges Red Productions will throw at me!


Meet Jessie:

I am a San Antonio native venturing through all that DFW has to offer whilst pursuing my dreams to work in film. I enjoy long walks to the fridge which conflicts with my long runs at the gym. Musically inspired and artistically driven in all aspects of life, I believe everything is better with a soundtrack. You can find me at the Coyote Drive In on a night off, or busy building a set, covered in paint and jamming to music my mother would say is too loud.
As a highly motivated, highly passionate person, I may come off a little strong but I’m very excited to be a part of a team with just as much energy to offer.

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Meet Taylor:

Bonjourno! I’m Taylor Cullinane, and yes, I just quoted Lt. Aldo Rain’s quote from Inglorious Basterds, one of my favs. My childhood enchantment began in the marvelous village of Houston. I didn’t stay there long… thankfully. After the thick haze of high school in California, I re-edited my life script and ventured over to the place of all things recycled and vintage-boutique, Austin. You could say my film seed sprouted there. I nurtured it at Austin Community College, and it flowered into an associate’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film. I love spending time with my girlfriend, playing soccer, walking our dog, reading, writing and watching anything from Netflix to the hidden treasures in old video stores. I’m more stoked then ever to be on board with Red Productions as one of the film development interns. I go where the scripts go, and with this internship, I’m very excited to learn more about the creative process in film development, help Team Red, and continue to grow in the bright field of Red flowers.