Things we LOVE

To get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, we at Red Productions want to highlight some of the things we love.

1.) Dogs in the office 

Our furry friends bring us so much joy. Nothing like a walking serotonin boost to give you some love during the workday. I mean just look at that face.

2.) Premiere Pro short cuts

Who doesn’t love doing their job that much quicker? What would we do without Cmd + Z? Premiere shortcuts are a shortcut to our heart.

3.) Good PAs

We LOVE good PAs. We couldn’t do what we do without them. Our PAs make our jobs run smoothly and deserve all the love this Valentine’s Day.

4.) A freshly painted cyc

Nothing compares to the feeling of walking on a newly painted cyc for filming. We considered painting the cyc pink for the month of February, but, don’t worry, we’ll stick with white.

5.) Movie recs

If don’t know already, we love movies A LOT. We can spend hours discussing the plot points of our all-time favorites, as well as dissecting the intricate special effects and intense cinematography that went into creating them. So if you have any good movie recs for us, send them our way!

6.) Our espresso machine

Nothing fuels our love like freshly brewed espresso.

7.) Morgan!

With tax season approaching, we couldn’t be more thankful for our controller, Morgan.

8.) Sherman on the aux

It’s always a party when Sherman is on the Aux. “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, “Something” by the Beatles, and “All of Me” by John Legend have been on repeat to get us in the Valentine’s Day mood.

We sure have a lot of things to love here at Red Productions, which makes celebrating Valentine’s Day even easier!