Top Five Video Production Companies in Dallas

Since we’re located in the Western half of the DFW metroplex, we thought it would be a good idea to tip our cap to some of the best video production companies on the other I-35. We obviously do a ton of work in Dallas, but thought a list of companies within Big D proper could be fun.

Here are 5 of our favorite video production companies in Dallas, in no particular order.

Big Fish Films

The team at Big Fish have put together an exceptional body of work with clients all over the country. They’ve done a ton of great TV commercial work and have a large pool of directors with varying specialties.

Big Fish is a full-service film production company based in Dallas, Texas. Our roster features directors from across the country, with a range of styles that span the spectrum, allowing us to match the best director to bring your creative vision to life. From the day we opened, we have been at the forefront of cutting-edge filmmaking. But we never put technique ahead of concept.

Whether it’s for broadcast commercials or new media content, our directors bring to the screen quirky comedy, believable dialogue, “lick the screen” food photography, beautiful landscapes, and more.

Red Car Dallas

Red Car is a national video production organization with offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. They’ve created fantastic work for national brands like Denny’s, Head & Shoulders, Chiquita and many more.

Red Car, the national creative editorial company founded by Larry Bridges, offers its clients a diverse roster of creative editors, producers, designers and visual effects artists. In addition to creative editorial, it also offers clients animation, design and visual effects work via its Redhead division as well as complete finishing services and audio.

Sugar TV

Also big on the national scene is Sugar TV. Sugar has done work for national brands like Shell, Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, Bridgestone and more.

Committed to achieving excellence on each project they tackle, and fostering an attitude-free company culture, Dallas-based Sugar Film Production forges long-term client relationships through a welcoming work environment and spectacular results. Since 2001, Sugar has produced work for national clients including Shell, Ford, Pepperidge Farm, RAM, Anheuser-Busch, Bridgestone, McDonalds and Sony Ericsson. Seasoned director Chris Smith leads the creative team, crafting engaging advertising projects through stunning visual narrative. 

Ditore Mayo Entertainment

If you live in DFW, you’d probably recognize some of Ditore Mayo’s work. Their pieces have a beautiful, artistic style as demonstrated in their popular I am Second campaign. Though technically just North of Dallas, we think they’re close enough to count.

We create compelling content through art & entertainment to help people, brands & organizations tell their story. 

Top Pup Media

Top Pup has done great work for a diverse client base. They work with small and large companies on most any type of video.

Our full-service, minority-owned production company produces quality visuals that reach target audiences using the latest media tools and platforms. From marketing spots to corporate video productions, Top Pup Media has established itself as leader in visual communications.

Quality production, with the end in mind.