What type of corporate video is right for your business?

Red Productions works with some pretty incredible organizations, and as a result, we consistently have the opportunity to produce pretty awesome spots.  We wanted to take a look at some of the video options for corporations by looking through some of our past projects:

About Us

When you think of a corporate video, this is probably what comes to mind.  An “About Us” style video aims to inform above all else, giving the company a direct line to lay out information they feel is pertinent to the viewer.  Typically an “About Us” style video focuses on one or more interviews of key members of the company accompanied by B-Roll.

ACH Child and Family Services from Red Productions on Vimeo.


“Anthem” videos are less focused on information than culture.  An “Anthem” video tends to look far more stylized, rarely having sit down interviews.  Typically relying on texts, animation, or VO, “Anthems” have the potential to differentiate more intangible aspects of a company from their competition.

VARIDESK Anthem from Red Productions on Vimeo.


In a lot of ways, “Product” videos are “About Us” videos for one specific service or good.  When introducing a new product/service or trying to grow awareness of said product/service, a company can put together an informative video specifically focusing on the benefits and details of it.   These videos can be aimed at both existing or potential customers and can be accomplished through a wide variety of styles including animation, interviews, and product demonstrations.

Kodiak PTT from Red Productions on Vimeo.

How To

A “How To” video expands upon a “Product” video in order to not only explain what a product/service provides but how to practically use it.  These videos are typically aimed at existing customers in order to demonstrate hands on client services, but they can also be used to demonstrate the ease or benefits of the product/service.

MoneyGram FAQs – Sending Money Online – USA – Alika from Red Productions on Vimeo.


An internal tool, “Training” videos are important for not only developing employees, but creating consistent culture across an organization.  As an onboarding tool, “Training” videos can serve to demonstrate company wide values, and as values change, so should the training video.  Just like the “Product” videos, “Training” videos can be accomplished through a multitude of styles and should reflect the company’s culture.

AAPL 08 – Unethical Practices from Red Productions on Vimeo.


Specifically outward facing, “Recruiting” videos serve to attract specific individuals to positions the company would like to fill.  Obviously, “Recruiting” videos want to demonstrate the company’s benefits as well as the opportunities it offers potential employees, but just as importantly, a “Recruiting” video should serve to weed out unsuited applicants.  A good recruiting video notes not only the great reasons to join a firm but also the polarizing aspects of the job. 

New Western Acquisitions Recruiting 2015 from Red Productions on Vimeo.


Existing client success stories are fantastic tools to attract new clients, and what better way to share them then through the successful clients themselves?  Giving previous clients a platform to brag on a firm provides a foundation of trust.  Through interviews of previous clients, we can give insight into more than just what our service does but how it directly impacts an individual who chose to incorporate it into their business.  Sometimes the best thing a business can do is let their work speak for itself.

iProspect Performance at Client Summit 2014 from Red Productions on Vimeo.

If your company is interested in a new video, using one of the above formats or an unexplored option, give us a call!