Video Editing Now Available Within YouTube

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Picnik copyBig news this week from the world’s largest video syndication platform. Until now, videos posted on YouTube could be easily shared and hosted, but never altered.

New tools in the platform allow for simple adjustments to be made to already uploaded video. Users can now make basic edits, steady handheld footage, rotate a video and perform basic color correction.

While these updates are not going to destroy professional video production companies, they should make simple videos on YouTube look significantly better.

The biggest immediate impact of this update is the improved tracking and analytics capabilities for YouTube users. Before this week, if you wanted to adjust a video you had to pull the video down, make the desired changes an then repost it. The problem with this is that previous links to the video are instantly broken, and the user loses the view count and comments associated with the video.

Here’s a quick demo from YouTube detailing some of the new features.

Learn more at YouTube’s blog.