September. The beginning of school, cooler temps, and the end of the blistering Texas heat that plagued DFW for the past three months. But who are we kidding, NONE of that compares to what’s really important in September: the beginning of the Dallas Cowboys football season.  We had an opportunity to film The Playmaker himself, Michael Irvin, for our fourth installment of hype videos, and let us tell you, he did not disappoint. That man knows what he’s about: intensity. You can feel it when he’s talking about the weather, when he’s running lines and when he blesses you with his presence.

When you’re in the room with Irvin, the air crackles with energy and intensity, and it’s impossible not to feel the hair on your arms raise. In fact we dare you to fight against the excitement and adrenaline that will start pumping through your body. Because when Michael Irvin is telling you that the Cowboys will seal the deal, you think it it’s true. When he’s telling you that only the Cowboys can define the Cowboys, you know it’s true. When he says that you, the fan, can help determine the outcome of the game, you believe it’s true.

Red Productions is proud to bring you Jason Garrett’s message to the team for the 2015 season –  #WEDO. Trust us, you wish you could have been there during the making of this video. But the real show was the season opening game against the Giants, because #WEDO #CowboysNation – that’s why. And in case you weren’t paying attention they delivered in the last minute and 20 seconds of Sunday night’s game.

We have had the privilege of working with the Dallas Cowboys for many years.  Some years may have been more disappointing than most, but this year, THIS YEAR IS OUR YEAR. How do we know that? The same way you know Michael Irvin is in the room, that sense of intensity and determination overcomes you the minute you step foot in Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington. Irvin Celebration TouchdownIt’s the gut wrenching feeling the Giants got the second they flew into DFW airspace. The feeling that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be unstoppable this season is what Michael Irvin wanted to preach. And, in typical Michael Irvin fashion –  oh boy, did he deliver.

Let’s be real, there is a very small chance that our beloved Cowboys could have found a way to make the opening game any more exciting. But boy oh boy talk about a nail bitter! Not only was this rivalry back in flames, it felt like a game of hot potato. Nevertheless the Cowboys took Irvin’s words to heart. Even the injured Dez Bryant was feeling it (not even losing a finger could have kept this man from celebrating).


So really though…I think we can all thank Michael Irvin, because really he IS the reason the Cowboys are 1-0. In the words of the Cowboy’s Nutritionist, Amy Goodson, “And THAT is why you NEVER leave a game early!”

So take a bow Michael, we thank you for your inspiring words and invigorating intensity to pump up our boys to a FANTASTIC start of the season. Bring it on, Philly! #WEDO